Coaches, Leaders, People & Culture Assemble

DNA Coach is a unique, creative, and future focused company who provide bespoke training, development and coaching solutions, which enable its clients to develop their people and culture. We don’t do stuffy or off the shelf, so having fun in a positive and innovative environment is as important as the DNA Coach business objectives. We use our superpowers to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients, whilst being people centred and creating the ability to Develop, eNgage and Apply our learning.

Empower yourself and your team with coaching and leadership training programmes and certification as well as a whole host of training courses designed to develop your skills and the skills of your people, engage your mindset and apply your learning so that you are set for success. Many of our programmes are industry recognised or backed by accrediting bodies such as the Association for Coaching (AC) or the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

With access to our online learning hub and app as well as a dedicated coaching app you can access on demand learning anytime, anywhere as well as trainer and coach led programmes.  DNA Coach will help you and your business supercharge, talk to us today about how we can help or select a catch up call via our online calendar.

Our Method. Your Results – DEVELOP ENGAGE APPLY

Struggling to find tangible training methods that help you achieve?

The DNA Coach approach is delivered with a clear 3 step method. 


Want to build your team or your personal brand? We know that organisations who are people obsessed are the best – we help businesses DEVELOP their people through organisational development, training and coaching.  We want each and every person we work with to realise and develop their potential for success.


Want to create more investment in your goals and visions within your team? We help people and businesses to fully ENGAGE in what they do by helping you stay ahead in changing times through a climate of continuous learning.  The key to success in anything is Engagement.


You can’t get results without turning your learnings into actions. We assist you to be future focussed, integrated and people-centred to APPLY the best personal and work practices so you and your business are resilient and adaptive with an engaged growth mindset.

Hi, I’m Laura Royal Training Director, DNA Coach

I am an Award Winning Trainer and Coaching & Leadership Addict, who is obsessed with helping people be at their best both personally and professionally.  I have worked in the Coaching, Leadership, Learning and Development space for over 20 years. I’m an Executive Business Coach, NLP Trainer, Leadership and Coach Training Provider recognised by the Association for Coaching (AC), Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and soon to be an ILM Recognised provider. 

DNA Coach is focused on helping you and your people to be at your very best both personally and professionally -this business is the product of my passion for helping make a difference in people’s professional lives and in business. 

Our approach breaks down into three key areas:


Build the skills and mindset needed to reach your goals by developing you and your people through coaching and training



Each workshop and training course or programme has been created to help develop future leaders, build teams and develop mindsets and skillsets to help you achieve the success you’re aiming for.

DNA Coach offer courses with clear outcomes in mind. Whether you’re looking to develop skills, create an engaged mindset (personally or in your team) or learn how to be more resilient, our courses offer realistic steps to drive change. 

We will set you on course for success: you will leave our courses feeling re-energised and ready to tackle the world.