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DNA Coach is a unique, creative, and future focused company who provide bespoke training, development and coaching solutions, which enable its clients to develop their people and culture. We don’t do stuffy or off the shelf, so having fun in a positive and innovative environment is as important as the DNA Coach business objectives. We use our superpowers to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients, whilst being people centred and creating the ability to Develop eNgage and Apply our learning.

Empower yourself and your team with coaching and leadership training programmes and certification as well as a whole host of training courses designed to develop your skills and the skills of your people, engage your mindset and apply your learning so that you are set for success.   Many of our programmes are industry recognised or backed by accrediting bodies such as the Association for Coaching or as ILM Recognised.

With access to our online learning hub and app as well as a dedicated coaching app you can access on demand learning anytime, anywhere as well as trainer and coach led programmes.  DNA Coach will help you and your business supercharge, talk to us today about how we can help or select a catch up call via our online calendar.


Our Method. Your Results - DEVELOP ENGAGE APPLY

Struggling to find tangible training methods that help you achieve? The DNA Coach approach is delivered with a clear 3 step method. 


Want to build your team or your personal brand? We know that organisations who are people obsessed are the best – we help businesses DEVELOP their people through organisational development, training and coaching.  We want each and every person we work with to realise and develop their potential for success.


Want to create more investment in your goals and visions within your team? We help people and businesses to fully ENGAGE in what they do by helping you stay ahead in changing times through a climate of continuous learning.  The key to success in anything is Engagement.  


You can’t get results without turning your learnings into actions. We assist you to be future focussed, integrated and people-centred to APPLY the best personal and work practices so you and your business are resilient and adaptive with an engaged growth mindset.

What My Clients Say

It was great to take a day and really focus on what I want from life, with some practical tools I could use again and again. Laura created a warm and friendly environment which allowed a lot of honest and useful conversation amongst the participants who were a lovely bunch too.

Charlotte Angus

Laura is a wonderfully engaging person and the delivery, authenticity and desire to support people reach their potential was powerful to see. The content was thought provoking and allowed you to reach deep, however at no point were you made uncomfortable to share anything you did not want with the group. The ability to discuss and share things with such a varied group was inspiring and motivating in itself. I highly recommend the session as not only was Laura and the content on the day of great use, there were tools to take away to support your ongoing personal growth.

Jillian Griffiths

Laura Royal ran a brilliant workshop on Saturday on how to have an #engagedmindset for business. I left feeling motivated after meeting so many inspiring people, and I'm looking forward to sharing Laura's advice and tools with my team.

Jane Moscardini

Laura was an inspirational coach with a down to earth approach, but with the ability to motivate and inspire.

Jill Sweeney

Laura has a very open style, using her own experiences to bring the session to life. The session was well balanced between knowledge sharing, self-reflection and networking. As a bonus, the journal is an invaluable resource and one that will be kept in my back pocket for the moments I need it most. I'll definitely be looking out for more DNA Coaching events.

Lauren Strong

Super day and very useful / current!

Craig Dryden

I would definitely recommend this event to others...I found the day thought provoking and very productive - thank you Laura

Sandra Grey

"Professional, friendly, informative, engaging, inclusive and rich in content. A warm welcome from the start To finish with an opportunity to get to know each other before sitting down. Very professional layout with lots of information and inspiration. Delivery was articulate and the content was rich. I learnt a lot about myself, my business and my goals for the future, both professional and personal. The online interaction software was very impressive and it was great to see people’s thoughts and opinions presented in a graph instantly. Fantastic literature to take away including a very well executed work book."

Rebecca de Wessington

This was an excellent event - both thought provoking and inspiring .The delivery of the session really got people inspired and allowed the opportunity for real growth in the room.

Suzanne Tull

Laura facilitated such an engaging day at the Engaged Mindset event - a Saturday well spent. I left feeling energised and ready to put the tools into practice, the session resonated with me so much! I'd have no problem recommending both Laura and/or any of the DNA coach events, especially the Engaged Mindset session.

Alix Bolton

The days event was well structured and expertly delivered . Audience participation was high and there were many great takeaways . Laura is a future star .

Steve Turnbull

This was a great opportunity to take time to focus on my own development, specifically the use of clean language, but also formulating and strategizing my plan for 2020. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people, share and compare throughout the day.

Scott Smith

"It was a great day working with Laura. She delivered a great session, sharing her valuable and engaging personal experience to link topics back to her and encouraging us to do the same. The Engaged Mindset is a very personal topic, delving into the processes and mentality best required for truly effective goal setting. The magic behind this session was the fact that Laura create an environment where this was easy. Delegates (including myself) were happy to interact and divulge their own experiences (personal and professional). Valuable session on several levels."

Steven Musham

"The Engaged Mindset programme is a MUST for anyone looking to take control, get more done, become unstuck, manage your time more effectively and really build, build positive habits to get life done! The day is packed full of practical tools and activities to help you be the absolute best in all that you do both in your working and personal life. Whilst I was a little emotionally drained at the end of the day I left with a newfound focus! Laura Royal has to be one of the most inspiring and authentic people I have met in a very long time. Her story is utterly relatable and I challenge anyone to walk away from her workshop without a fresh perspective! Go book today!"

Gavin Clark

The workshop was excellent from start to finish. Laura's delivery was engaging and authentic and not once did I look at the clock. I left the workshop feeling inspired, motivated and ready to get things done! The other delegates were a fantastic bunch and I loved hearing from all of them and building my network. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who would benefit from a more engaged mindset and more of a focus on how you achieve your goals.

Barbara Clark

"Brilliant session with Laura Royal DNA Coach. Laura is clearly an expert in her field and delivered a very information, detailed but also personal session where we were given lots of opportunities to really reflect on what we wanted to achieve and identify areas that we could improve on but also able to identify and celebrate our successes. Great takeaways that I have implemented straight away but most of all I left feeling positive and motivated with a clear action plan. Laura encouraged participation which felt natural and was well received by the fantastic group of people in attendance. I would highly recommend Laura's coaching for either 1-2-1 or group/team sessions"

Sarah McKenna

Laura has a superb and very engaging style with a heart and personality to match. 'The Ultra' professional who creates an environment for change, reflection, positive conversations and personal challenge. I highly recommend Laura to anyone or organisations who are looking to create engaged mindsets and authenticity.

Alan Shaw

Excellent workshop, highly recommend. The workshop was excellent from start to finish. Laura's delivery was engaging and authentic and not once did I look at the clock. I left the workshop feeling inspired, motivated and ready to get things done!

Barbara Clark

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I’m Laura Royal, owner of DNA Coach – and this business is the product of my passion for helping make a difference in people’s professional lives and in business. 

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