Today features another of our guest interviews and the fantastic Chris Cook, a Double Olympian, and now an established entrepreneur and keynote speaker.

Throughout this episode he shares with Laura the journey through the highs and fair few of the lows of his Olympic career.

The main premise of this episode is based around the concept of ‘Keeping things simple’ and this is the part that has audiences talking and relating to, because there is a power and a brilliance that exists within all of us (…and our teams) when we focus and unite together to deliver the process to achieve our collective mission.

The question Chris challenges every audience to answer is ‘If I asked every person in your organisation to give me your company mission in a ‘one liner’ could they all do it and would they all say the same words verbatim?’.

This episde not only lift spirits and inspires people, but it also gives indviduals and teams the chance to engage with a concept that is relevant to your everyday working lives.

You can connect with Chris via and on linkedin

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