Oh hi there and welcome back to the Coaches and Leaders Assemble podcast. The podcast for all things coaching, leadership, people and culture.

Now in this episode I am bearing a little bit of my soul by sharing with you the unhelpful pattern and strategy that I run that can sometimes hinder progress BUT how I’ve learned to recognise that pattern and use it to my benefit to quite frankly Get Sh*t Done, especially as someone who considers themselves a Master Procrastofaffer…you’ll also learn my conjoined word definition too.

I share with you the strategy and pattern that I leaned into in order to get my book written which publishes this month on the 27th June and how you can utilise some the strategies I share in order to do the two things I talk about all the time….make change and move forward.

I talk about the stats shared in the Power of Accountability article too which you can read here – The Power of Accountability – AFCPE

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