Welcome back to the Coaches and Leaders Assemble podcast! In this exciting episode of Season 2, your host, Laura Royal of DNA Coach, explores her innovative 3 P’s Model for Change and Resilience. This model offers valuable insights into how individuals and organisations can navigate change effectively by Pausing, Pondering, and Pouncing. 

Laura highlights how her 3 P’s Model offers a structured approach to navigating change effectively, leading to personal and professional growth.

Unpacking the 3 P’s Model

Pause: Laura discusses the first ‘P,’ “Pause,” which involves taking a moment to step back, breathe, and reflect in the face of change. She emphasises the value of not rushing into reactions and decisions.

Ponder: The second ‘P,’ “Ponder,” involves deep introspection and analysis. Laura explains how this phase allows individuals and teams to explore their options and understand the implications of their choices.

Pounce: In the final ‘P,’ “Pounce,” Laura reveals how this is the stage where informed and strategic action is taken. It’s about making those important decisions and taking steps towards change and resilience.

By Pausing, Pondering, and Pouncing, individuals and organisations can navigate change effectively and emerge stronger and more resilient. Stay tuned for more valuable insights from Coaches and Leaders Assemble as we continue to explore the world of coaching, leadership, people and culture.

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