Organisational Culture

Organisational culture is made up of shared values, beliefs and assumptions about how people should behave and interact, how decisions should be made and how work activities should be carried out.  At DNA Coach we are all about having a healthy, positive, people-centred organisational culture and have many tools and options to help support your people and your business to be at your best.

People Profiling

At DNA Coach, we are accredited practitioners in the use of various people profiling tools such as Thomas International PPA and TEIQue as well as Leader Factor EQometer. We also partner with other organisations who can provide other people profile reports so please be sure to ask us if there is one, in particular, you would prefer.

Profiling is a great way to help you explore behavioural-fit, improve communication, identify areas for development, manage performance, motivate and engage staff and much more.

Team Success and Safety

DNA Coach is certified trainers with Leader Factor and The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. We use The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety to help leaders cultivate psychological safety, Leaders are the architecture of culture.

We help you and your teams and organisation navigate through the four successive stages so that firstly, your people feel included and accepted; then they feel safe to learn, contribute, and finally, challenge the status quo. Talk to us today on how DNA Coach can benchmark your team’s current level of psychological safety against the 4 stages framework.

Business DNA Diagnostic

We work with businesses to complete a Business Deep Dive DNA Diagnostic to help your business make change and move forward. This involves DNA Coach working with you to review your People, Processes and Place using our diagnostic tool, fully bespoke and aligned with your business objectives.

This involves a variety of assessments such as a bespoke 360 cultural review, environment review, data review and performance management review. Talk to us today on how we can support your business.

What My Clients Say

A must attend workshop for everyone and anyone looking to take control, get more done, become unstuck, manage your time more effectively and really build, build positive habits to get life done! The day is packed full of practical tools and activities to help you be the absolute best in all that you do both in your working and personal life.

Gavin Jones

Still buzzing after a WOW learning experience! Yabadabadoo.....Laura has a superb and very engaging style with a heart and personality to match. I highly recommend Laura to anyone or organisations who are looking to create engaged mindsets and authenticity.

Alan Shaw

Brilliant session with Laura Royal DNA Coach. Laura is clearly an expert in her field and delivered a very information, detailed but also personal session where we were given lots of opportunities to really reflect on what we wanted to achieve and identify areas that we could improve on but also able to identify and celebrate our successes.

Sarah McKenna

Excellent workshop, highly recommend. The workshop was excellent from start to finish. Laura's delivery was engaging and authentic and not once did I look at the clock. I left the workshop feeling inspired, motivated and ready to get things done!

Barbara Clark

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