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This one day programme will make sure that every manager has a firm foundation of basic leadership skills that allows them to inspire and focus effort on progress and success as well as knowing your Strengths by completing your bespoke Superhero Leader DNA Profile.

Great for newly appointed and experienced managers this one day will engage you in your leadership role giving you the foundations to engage your team in an inspiring and empowering way.

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The Programme


Learn all about Leadership Styles and take the superhero Leadership DNA Profile to find out about your own style. You’ll discover your style strengths and how to adapt your leadership approach in varying situations.

You will learn how to work with people with opposite styles to get the best out of any working relationship and you will be able to successfully engage with colleagues and leaders of all levels.

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Let’s dive deep into what makes a team successful and how having a strong team is the foundation of high-performing business.  We’ll look at team factors for success including team purpose, behaviours, commitment and support. You will learn how to get the team to work well together to achieve shared outcomes and build and sustain high performance. You’ll discover the importance of modelling collaborative work practices to improve relationships.

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During this session we will review coaching as a transformational leadership skill and show you how to have effortless coaching conversations that help your people move forward and/or make change. You will learn how to do this through the art of micro coaching using tried and tested coaching methods and our very own DNA of coaching model to empower and inspire growth.

The investment for this programme is £195.00 per person + VAT.

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Participants receive a digital workbook & a digital certificate of completion at the end of the programme (please note the 1 day programme is not ILM recognised)