Resilient Mindset Card Deck


Are you wondering how to build a resilient mindset? You’ve found the right solution – our easy to use resilient mindset coaching cards have been designed to help develop the resiliency that resides in all of us – nurturing it to help you withstand and overcome personal and professional challenges. The set features 80 impressive cards covering 20 resilience factors with over 300 coaching questions to recognise, help you understand and assess how resilient you are and how to strengthen each area.

These coaching cards are perfect for individuals who want to self-coach in their own time, or for managers and leaders looking to help build a more resilient team. Being Resilient has many components and characteristics – it is about helping you navigate what’s on your plate, helping you maintain balance when faced with pressure – it’s not about overloading people to breaking point or testing endurance…it’s not about how tough you are. This card deck will help you or your team both personally and professionally to strengthen your capabilities, approach and mindset when tackling the smallest obstacles to the biggest events.

So, what are you waiting for – let’s get Resilience Ready!!!