Supercharged Coaching for Success and Psychological Safety to THRIVE

The Coaches and Leaders Assemble Conference, organised and hosted by Laura Royal of DNA Coach, promises to be a one-of-a-kind event that offers participants a unique opportunity to engage with experts in the field of personal and professional development.

As an experienced coach and facilitator, Laura Royal has built a reputation for creating inclusive and safe spaces where individuals and teams can thrive. Her passion for fostering psychologically safe and people-centred workplace cultures shines through in all that she does.

Laura is an Award-Winning Trainer and Coaching Addict who is learning obsessed and has worked in the Learning and Development realm for nearly 20 years. As an Executive Business Coach and NLP Trainer she has worked internationally for some massive Global Brands on shaping their coaching and learning cultures.

At school her teachers always said she talked too much and laughed too loud, as if it were a bad thing…yet, she’s built her entire life and career around these two guiding principles becoming a trainer, coach, consultant and public speaker as well as a being a good human being and someone who has a good sense of humour.

All things Recruitment

Sarah is a specialist HR recruiter with over 15 years experience in the industry. Passionate about delivering a straight forward approach to recruitment, Sarah prides herself on building strong relationships with both clients and candidates to ensure that the right people are in the right company in the right role.

As a specialist HR recruiter, Sarah can support your business when growing your team by identifying the right HR talent or to guide you through the interview process to find your perfect next role.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in the HR industry with a far-reaching network, a friendly approach, and a series of success stories she’s incredibly proud of.

How to improve new starter retention

With over 15 years experience in new starter development, Jen is passionate about providing a best in class onboarding and induction experience from offer date to six months in-role.

Jen has created a 4-stage framework, proven to reduce attrition costs, improve new starter retention and increase the speed to competence. Jen understands operational challenges and her work results in a return on investment, higher productivity and competent, confident, loyal employees.

Jen values quality and takes a solutions-focused approach with clients, building long-lasting, trusting relationships.

Mental Toughness – giving you the insight, Insights can’t.

Anthony is an expert in mental toughness and creating high-performing teams.

As a result of what he does, CEOs and founders see an improvement in individual and team performance between 10 and 25% over the course of six to twelve months, which directly improves their bottom line.

Teams report a renewed sense of purpose, improved collaboration, better problem solving, higher engagement and commitment. Anthony is also the author of four books and the Mental Fitness Podcast.

The High-Performance Formula: Achieving More Without Burning Out

For fifteen years Bethany and her team have provided award-winning services that have helped thousands of people to improve their health and wellbeing.  The David Goldman Prize for Innovation was awarded in 2015 to recognise our work in innovation and behaviour change, having helped individuals of all ages and backgrounds to make healthy lifestyle choices for long-lasting results with Nuvo Wellbeing.

More recently, Bethany was presented with a Director of the Year Award from the Institute of Directors for the development of our employee wellbeing software and services with OptiMe, supporting businesses to achieve enhanced employee wellbeing, greater workforce happiness and improved productivity.

With a proven track record of award-winning results, my team and I are here to support every step of the way.

2 Lengths – The power of keeping things simple

Chris is a 2x Olympian, now an established entrepreneur and throughout his keynote he takes the audience on a journey through the highs and fair few of the lows of his Olympic career.

The main premise of this keynote is based around the concept of ‘Keeping things simple’ and this is the part that has audiences talking and relating too, because there is a power and a brilliance that exists within all of us (…and our teams) when we focus and unite together to deliver the process to achieve our collective mission.

The question Chris challenges every audience to answer is ‘If I asked every person in your organisation to give me your company mission in a ‘one liner’ could they all do it and would they all say the same words verbatim?’.

This keynote not only lift spirits and inspires people, but it also gives teams the chance to engage with a concept that is relevant to their everyday working lives.

Do I look disabled? A fresh perspective of Neurodiversity in the workplace

Working for yourself takes courage and we all need a community around us to lift our spirits and share the good and challenging times. In 2008, I left teaching and launched my first limited company. Roll forward through the turbulence, fun and learning to 2017, I founded MINT Business Club to create opportunities for the self-employed community to thrive. MINT is more than a business club. It’s a mindset. An energy. A vibe. It’s about BEING MINT.

In the last couple of years, I’ve turned my attention to supporting the Neurodivergent business community after my own diagnosis of ADHD and then Dyspraxia. Launched in 2021, Celebrate Difference Ltd is a Social Enterprise solely focused on raising the profile of ADHD and celebrating the many strengths that we ADHDers bring to the world. My role in my businesses may have changed to become more strategic and less day-to-day operations and delivery, but with the fabulous team we’ve amassed, we all get to support the self-employed & small business community to thrive.

Language and Behaviour Patterns – Developing your self-awareness and influencing skills

Lysa helps people & businesses to be at their best & achieve their dreams & aspirations. All of the work she has done throughout her career is centred around the premise that we each have an abundance of potential. And when our potential is understood, nurtured and harnessed, individuals, teams and organisations can achieve more and perform better than they’ve ever dreamed possible.

Lysa has been delivering keynotes, workshops, coaching, facilitation and consultancy to a diverse range of organisations and industries across the UK and Europe for the last 16 years. She holistically brings together a wide array of important areas such as business strategy, culture, transformation and change management, behavioural science, psychology, linguistics, emotional intelligence, leadership, performance, motivation, employee engagement and personal development along with her energetic and passionate style to bring the best out of individuals, employees, managers and organisations.

Lysa completed her Executive MBA at Newcastle University Business School where she then became an Associate Senior Lecturer specialising in managing change and professional development. Lysa has recently completed a Harvard Business School qualification in Entrepreneurship and is an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, an ILM accredited Professional Coach, EMCC Master Coach and Mentor, and a proud TEDx speaker. She is just about to embark on a PhD exploring the relationship between self-identity and performance.

In addition to the above, Lysa is also the CEO of an online personal development start-up, The Shining Light Academy and a partner in Geordie Gin. She also works as an associate with Rambutan, a behavioural change consultancy and the Innovation Supernetwork, helping SMEs to innovate and grow.

The power of curiosity and choice.

 Claire is a highly skilled leadership performance Coach, Facilitator and Speaker with a wealth of knowledge and experience unleashing the individual and collective potential of leaders.

In her first career Claire held HR and Change Director roles, working across diverse sector, and organisation sizes including PLC’s, SME’s, Public and Third Sector, and high-profile brands such as Carlsberg, WHSmiths, Dixons Stores Group and The Royal Mail Group.

Claire started her coaching business; Leaders are MAD in 2014. Passionate about enabling leaders to make a difference for themselves, their teams, organisations and communities, Claire is currently sought out to help leaders stop getting in the way of themselves, find their authentic leader within, build confidence, learn practical strategies and tools for achieving goals and create commitment to act upon what they learn.

Continually challenging herself to learn and grow Claire embarked upon an MBA in 2013 and has ever since been studying Neuroscience. She is a member of the Association for Coaching, an Enhanced Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence and is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Claire recently added ‘Author’ to her career with the release of her first book ‘Super Neuro You’, which became an Amazon Bestseller.

Always looking for opportunities to Make A Difference, Claire is an active fundraiser and supporter of Middlesbrough based charity – My Sister’s Place, an independent specialist ‘One Stop Shop’ for people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence.

Emotional Intelligence

Specialising in working with leaders and strong professional experts, Paul helps people in business to become more joyful and successful. His mission is to enable people, teams and organisations to become more self-aware, make better choices and be more purposeful. To find their joy, enhance their wellbeing and realise their full potential, at work and in life.

Paul has over 30 years experience in HR and employee wellbeing, working across a range of sectors including, utilities, environmental services, higher education, manufacturing and technology. For much of that time I have worked with and within leadership teams, influencing and delivering culture change, structural change, performance improvement and team development.]

Cue the ‘X-Factor style’ emotional music and me telling you about my journey!

I loved my HR roles, but something was missing. In 2017, I attended a course that shaped my career and my life. That course was on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through Six Seconds, the largest global EQ network . It was immersive and transformative. It allowed me to see myself fully – how my emotions shaped my thoughts and ultimately my actions. It opened the door to possibility, optimism and choice. It enabled me to be clearer on my purpose and how I could connect with others to help them get closer to theirs. It was the spark that created the conditions where cautious, considered, safe me could take the plunge to set up my own business and shape MY ideal future. I would like to share that clarity and joy with others to be the best, most successful, version of themselves, in life and at work.

Also, you might be interested to know that I am a husband, dad and grandad. I am a lover of puns, singing ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet on karaoke, beer, reading & kindness.