3 Day Leadership Programme

This programme allows your managers to enhance their skills strategically, develop better leadership competencies and strengthen overall capabilities. Your managers will leave as confident superhero leaders, ready to shape healthier and productive teams and boost business performance.

Participants cover the exact same content on day 1 as the Leaders Engage programme of Leadership StylesBuilding the Team Mindset and Coaching Conversations.


We will dive into the behaviours, qualities and attributes that great leaders need to demonstrate to be at their personal and professional best and to transform the culture of your team and business.

You’ve heard of the phrase ‘feedback is a gift’ but I want to ensure that for you there isn’t a sh*t present inside. So this session involves how to provide and shape a culture of helpful and balanced, future focused feedback.

You will learn how to put people first to promote a healthier and more inclusive culture through the 7 interrelated domains of employee wellbeing, helping you understand how to increase engagement and reduce absence.

You will learn how to focus on transforming potential and how to promote future performance by learning from past experience and moving forward in a way that develops team members knowledge, skills and abilities.

You will learn how to build a resilient mindset by developing your personal resilience at work and explore ways to enhance it through our very own Resilience Reserves survey and our 8 key resilience tenets. 

You will learn how to lead your people with a creative & innovative mindset that looks for continuous improvement for the betterment of your people and the betterment of the organisation.

The investment for this programme is £495.00 per person + VAT.

If you would like us to deliver this programme of learning in your workplace, please click below to register your interest.

Participants receive a digital workbook & a digital certificate of completion at the end of the programme (please note the 3 day programme is not ILM recognised)