Your people are the DNA of your business.  At DNA Coach we know how important it is to support your people through development, wellbeing and training. Having people who are engaged and supported will in turn shape and foster a great team culture and organisational environment where people will flourish and business results will thrive.

We love everything to do with people, therefore we thought it would be playful to select the title of Peopling to share some insight into some of the other services we offer to support your people in your organisation.

We are people specialists and can help your business with any bespoke coaching, training and development needs as well as assisting with 360 reviews, people development strategy and much more.

Business DNA Diagnostic

We work with you and your established business to take you through our Development Needs Assessment (DNA) to help you understand what’s working well in your business and where development is required. We work with you to create a bespoke action plan and provide further support.

People Profiling

We have access to a variety of people profiling tools including DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Strengths and many more – talk to us today on how we can use these to coach and develop your people.  We are license holders of assessments with Thomas International, LeaderFactor and BeTalent, we also have partners who we work with who provide Insights and MBTI profiles

Business Strategy Coaching

We work with you and all businesses from small start ups to large global organisations to help formulate their strategy and growth plans and get you set up for success. If you would like coaching and consulting support then talk to us on how we can support you.