The Coaches and Leaders Assemble Podcast!

Meet your Podcast Host and DNA Coach Director

I am an Award Winning Trainer and Coaching & Leadership Addict who is obsessed with helping people be at their best both personally and professionally.  I have worked in the Coaching, Leadership, Learning and Development space for over 20 years. I’m an Executive Business Coach, NLP Trainer, Leadership and Coach Training Provider recognised by the Association for Coaching and soon to be ICF and ILM Recognised provider. 

DNA Coach is focused on helping you and your people to be at your very best both personally and professionally – this business is the product of my passion for helping make a difference in people’s professional lives and in business. 

Our approach breaks down into three key areas:


Build the skills and mindset needed to reach your goals by developing you and your people through coaching and training



Our Coaches & Leaders Assemble Podcast is a space to learn how to be at your best in all that you do both personally and professionally.  Each podcast will have an accompanying free toolkit made available on the topics we cover.  

Our topics are all things coaching, leadership, people and culture and will occasionally feature some amazing special guests.  We will be sharing some deep insight to great coaching and leadership models and topics and how to practically use them as well as topics on mindset, workplace wellbeing and personal/life coaching too.

We are always looking for people to collaborate with, and to showcase, who are doing great and meaningful work in the world – so if you would like to feature on our podcast then drop us a note to hello@dnacoach.co.uk titled Podcast Guest and tell us why you’d like to share your amazing with the world and how it will help the audience and we will see what magic we can work up together. 

At DNA Coach we collaborate and partner with many businesses, including ones who do the same as what we do – all that means is that we have a shared purpose – collaboration over competition every time – there’s space at the table for everyone.