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This programme will help you shape how you communicate so that you get the very best out of all of your interactions, even the tough ones. We’ll break this down into 4 key areas so that you have a clear understanding of how you think, how you interact, how you deliver and how you lead and how to supercharge each area.

Now you might be thinking to yourself “wait a minute, I’m not a leader” – well, this programme is about leaders at all levels. Our closest synonym to the word ‘leadership’ is all about ‘influence’ and we will work with you to elevate your presence and style now and in the future so that it helps you in all aspects of working with people and enhancing your performance.

During this 4 weeks training programme we will work together to:
• Understand your leadership and communication style and how to use it
• Manage shifting priorities and change
• Strengthen your communication techniques and therefore your
workplace relationships
• Manage difficult conversations and deliver with impact

The Contents

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Workshop One

During our first workshop we review your personal strengths wheel and how this aligns with the strengths of your team.  You will learn about your personal communication style and why it is the lifeline of any relationship and the bridge between confusion and clarity. Communication – the human connection – is key to personal and professional success.

Workshop Two

Workshop two is where you will learn about the 3 V’s of Communication and map out your very own Wheel of Communication.  You will learn how we absorb and make sense of the world around us through what we see, hear and feel and how to use the DNA Coach Superpowers to enhance your credibility and approachability during any conversation in any room.

Workshop Three

It’s week three and we review the DNA Coach 3 P’s and it’s our opportunity to learn about Emotional Intelligence and how to enhance your Self and Social Awareness as well as manage your own state and your relationship with others.  We will use this to deep dive into holding engaging and courageous conversations.

Workshop Four

During our last workshop we engage in managing conflict in the workplace and how to communicate in times of change.  We also cover advanced presentation skills including pitching and presenting to known and unknown audiences and how to manage difficult audience members.

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