Aurora Kerr
Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, SAGE Gateshead

When I started the engaged coach practitioner course I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had no experience of formal coaching. Laura made me feel extremely welcome and part of the team within the cohort, and the information and support to becoming a coach was extremely valuable. After each session I could see myself making small changes and using some of the techniques I had learned almost instantly, both in my professional and personal life. I also enjoyed the experience of being matched with a cohort of the same people throughout the course. I didn’t know anyone when I signed up to the course, and Laura worked to engage everyone and mixed us up during the weeks to benefit from each others varied coaching styles and lived experiences.

I found the course one of the most beneficial courses I have completed in the past few years. I found the pace and materials, along with the support from Laura fantastic. Laura’s delivery style was friendly and personable and her energy and enthusiasm along with her expertise made it an enjoyable experience I couldn’t recommend it higher.