As a Manager or Leader in your organisation there has never been a more important time than now to focus on the wellbeing of your people and the success of your business. At DNA Coach we want your people and your business to THRIVE during these uncertain times, and beyond, and that starts with you…today.

It’s your responsibility as a great leader, colleague and human to look after the safety and wellbeing of your team members. Here are a few questions to get you started on this journey; reflect on these questions before you dive right in to the detail of what is covered on this programme.

How would you describe your workplace culture today? Be honest.

What will you do today to shape and foster a culture of psychological safety built on trust and a team mindset?

How well are you accommodating and supporting a culture where people can be more human at work?

This programme is the starting point for your organisation to review and assess how psychologically safe your workplace is and consider how you can implement some of the practices shared in so that your people are well supported, and your business can thrive.

The Contents

At DNA Coach we know that Psychological Safety plays an important role in wellbeing and therefore it is important that our workplace environments allow a safe place for us all to manage change and uncertainty, speak freely and have an effective voice in our organisations, that we are all included and there is a culture of team cohesion and team spirit while meeting our innate needs to learn, grow and thrive.

This 4-week programme of half day workshops guides you through our THRIVE Model to achieve Team Safety and Success through Psychological Safety, Wellbeing, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Trust and Team


Happy and Human


Respect and Recognise


Invite and Include


Value and Voice


Engage and Empower

Workshop One

During our first workshop group webinar we lay the foundations of how to create and embed a culture of Psychological Safety and Team Success. Overall, this session will give you the opportunity to assess how included people are in your business and how to shape and foster a culture of inclusion, even when working remotely and within the standard business operation.

Workshop Two

Workshop two is about creating an environment where feedback is given candidly, mistakes are freely admitted, and people can learn from each other. We will review a leadership assessment and look at leadership actions that encourage trust and safety and one where we develop and coach people to learn.

Workshop Three

It’s week three and this workshop is about teaming and contribution to collaborate across boundaries of expertise, hierarchy, or geographic distance. We will look at the team mindset approach with clear links to accountability, healthy working practices that engage and empower people to work collaboratively for success.

Workshop Four

During our last workshop we engage in managing conflict in the workplace and how to shape and foster an environment that promotes healthy conflict as an everyday practice. We will review the principles in building resilience and how to manage uncertainty and change.

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