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Create Powerful & Productive Change through Coaching

At DNA Coach we are working behind the scenes to bring you the additional option to have these programmes dual qualified via the ILM and/or CMI.  New courses will be advertised for September 2023 enrolment – watch this space.

At DNA Coach we strongly believe in creating a business culture of coaching where leaders become coaches and where command-and-control style of management gives way to supportive and psychologically safe environments where everyone is encouraged to be their best and ‘leading’ themselves to become resourceful and solution focused — driving productive motivation, positive change and powerful business momentum.

Join our Association for Coaching Recognised ‘Leader as Coach’ programme to learn core coaching skills to enable you to become an effective coach. This programme is held online via Zoom with the added bonus of having lifetime access to content via our Coaching Hub Portal filled with Coach tutorial sessions, downloadable toolkits, workbooks, and resources.

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If you would like a recognised award for you (or leaders and managers in your business) to develop and empower your teams through a coaching approach, then this is the programme for you.


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Take Our Quick Workplace Culture Health Check


Is your business challenged by a revolving door of staff?


Do you have high attrition rates where maybe you’re unable to pinpoint the exact underlying factors which you feel could be impacting staff engagement?


Are people within your organisation feeling they are being micromanaged?


Do you feel that performance for business growth within your organisation is stagnating?


Or are people staying within your business but reporting that there are no personal development opportunities?

If you answered yes to any of these, or you feel you would benefit from Leadership Coach training to further support your people and business performance then this is the programme for you.

The Programme

The aim of Association for Coaching Recognised Leader as Coach programme is to award recognition of training specifically aimed at equipping organisational leaders, managers and supervisors with the tools to adopt a coaching approach in their work.

This programme will help organisations create awareness of the value of developing a coaching culture and enabling their leaders and managers to develop skills in coaching practice.

Coaching skills form a valuable part of a leader’s repertoire of management tools and techniques, aiding self management, staff empowerment and development and effective working with diverse teams and individuals. A coaching approach can enhance performance, improve working relationships and develop communication skills for the benefit of the whole organisation.


Workshops delivered via Zoom over 3 months


Access to the Coaching Hub platform filled with resources and additional recorded learning content


Coaches Goodie Bag including a coaching journal, mug & coaching card deck


12 months Association for Coaching Student Membership


September 2023 Enrolment Dates Coming Soon

What is a Leader as Coach? 

The Leader as Coach style is an everyday approach that strives to empower, enable and develop others in a predominantly non-directive way with forward focused change to promote a people culture that celebrates, recognises and harnesses the strengths, value and potential of every individual, colleague and team member within your organisation.

The Big Business Benefits of Our Leader as Coach Award 

 The contents of our recognised award programme offers big benefits with powerful organisational outcomes, designed and tailored for leaders, supervisors and managers by ensuring your people can perform at their very best by becoming engaged with the right tools at their disposal and in knowing who they are and what they bring to the team and wider business objectives.

The Leader as Coach Award is a programme that focuses leaders towards recognising the need for regular investment in their teams and people, embracing potential and drawing on the strong skillsets of their teams by connecting the link between speed and competence, the how and what of onboarding & inductions, the tools and products you sell and turning that into coaching style conversations to really benefit the individual which in turn means they bring big value to the process and the overall business impact.

Why Choose the Leader as Coach Award?

Within 3 days we show you practical, people-centred approaches that you’ll be able to directly Develop, eNgage and Apply back into your business model to inject a powerful Leader as Coach working culture of longevity that’s foundational core and everyday process is driven to align and promote successful people as well as enhanced business performance results.

The Contents

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Create a Super Strength Coaching Culture

Moving away from micromanagement, you’ll formulate a durable action plan based upon your results from our self-assessment tool and learn how to bring about change & to create a coaching culture of curious everyday conversations and open questions infused with a coaching approach that hones the key importance of putting people at the heart of your future-focused organisation where habitual coaching and reflective practices raise awareness to continually highlight and set in motion safe and problem-solving cultures.

Coaching for Business Growth and People Performance 

You’ll learn a diagnostic methodology on how to firmly embrace and underpin a daily business coaching culture as a leader to positively influence and impact people and processes without overwhelm to enhance individual, team and business outcomes, for organisational growth and performance with revolutionary reviews to focus your thinking on transforming your team’s potential and future performance with continual development of knowledge, skills and abilities.

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Creating a Future Focused Feedback Culture

In this module you’ll learn how to project a positive and future focused feedback culture in a timely manner which shifts box ticking exercises, performance management and generic annual appraisals aside by structuring a motivated model of coaching culture practice, mentoring and reviews to accelerate organisational, personal and professional benefit.

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Inclusive Coaching for Psychological Safety & Team Success

Looking at the Four Stages of Psychological Safety this module insightfully guides leaders to transform their teams and organisations to promote a thriving workplace environment of inclusion and innovation where individuals can reach their full potential, feel included, safe to learn and contribute and safe to challenge the status quo without fear of negative consequences.

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Coaching Styles

Google ‘coaching styles’ and you will find an abundance of old fashioned titles – at DNA Coach we look at this very differently and coach you on how to coach others on a variety of scenarios by tailoring your approach depending on the needs and wants of your coachee – you’ll learn about your typical style and how to flex, tailor and adapt this in a fun and engaging way.

The Coaches Toolkit

We guide you through how to contract in coaching, even in the workplace working with your colleagues.  This covers everything from holding reflective conversations, discovery calls, pre-coaching surveys along with coaching exercises and resources to support you as a coach and all agreement forms and templates you will need.

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Rapport & Listening Skills

Master the art of your rapport and listening skills to ensure that all your coaching conversations are engaging and focused on your coachee and their outcomes.  These skills are vital to help your draw out the core of an issue and begin to aid your coachee to solve problems, move forward and make change.

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Powerful Questions

You will learn how to practice active curiosity by asking powerful and insightful questions that encourage your coachee to reflect, learn, consider opportunities and make positive progress.  Asking great questions will guide your coachee toward their own solutions, and hold them accountable for taking action

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Leading with Coaching

Managers can’t be expected to have all the answers and that command-and-control leadership is no longer viable. As a leader in your organisation you will learn how to lead with a transformational coaching style that ignites change and positive results in the business. You will learn how to how to unleash innovation, energy, and commitment

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The DNA of Coaching

At DNA Coach we have our own coaching framework of DEVELOP, ENGAGE and APPLY and we have deliberately created this to be short and sweet, simple, and straightforward to help you guide your coachee to move forward and make change.  You will learn how to use this as a self-coaching tool and to have great coaching conversations by asking these powerful questions.

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Coaching Models & Frameworks

You will learn how to use coaching models & framework in conversations, meetings and everyday leadership to unlock potential and possibilities.  This will allow you to aid coachees in problem solving, goal setting and performance improvement.

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Coaching for Success

Learn how to coach for success in your business through results and people. Coach your team when performance and morale is low to inspire motivation, instil confidence and increase competence to deliver the best results possible. We’ll cover how to foster a company culture of open communication & transparency.

In addition you will have access to additional coaching modules on topics such as sharing feedback and coaching ethics and guidelines.


Get to know your team on a deeper level


Learn to lead by example


Encourage collaboration & recognition


Create clear goals and outcomes

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Learn how to be a better leader and empower your teams to grow and thrive by adopting the coaching approach and mindset.  Our closest synonym to Leadership is about influence and how better to positively lead people through coaching.


Organisations are moving away from command and control and “traditional” styles of leadership and instead are demonstrating a leadership style which adopts a coaching approach.  Leading in this way will help shape a coaching culture in your business – the leader as coach recognises the benefits of coaching for themselves and members of their team.


A leader as coach will be a positive role model in the organisation and one that empowers their teams to be focused on their personal and professional development.  Coaching allows time for the discussion of new ideas and ways of working.


As a leader your role is to support and develop your people to be at their best and coaching does exactly that.  It’s not a tool to be wheeled in and wheeled out under the guise of “performance management” – this is the way to improve performance, engagement and retention.

Most Managers and Leaders report that they don’t feel skilled enough to be a coach so this course if a prime opportunity to turn coaching into a strength – it’s not about micro-managing, it’s abut supporting people to be autonomous, innovative and focused on their strengths to make great contribution in the business.


My company is paying for my place, how can I arrange that?

First of all, this is great news and shows your company’s commitment to you and your development as well as the development of your people and culture overall.   Ask your organisation to send us an email requesting your place to and we will sort our PO and/or invoicing arrangements for you.

Our organisation would like to offer this course for multiple participants, how are we best to proceed?

Fantastic news!!!  We’d love to assist your organisation.  Drop us a note to and we can provide you with a full and tailored proposal – it would be great to discuss your needs further so we’ll get in touch to arrange a discussion.

I can’t make one of the dates but really want to join; how can you help me?

Drop us an email and we will work with you on the best option whether that is joining the workshop you miss on another cohort or perhaps we cadn offer a catch up opportunity.  Send us a note to and we will suggest some options for you.

What Resource Access Will I Need for the Award?

You are not required to have access to any particular resource when you join our Leader as Coach Award programme because it is crafted to give you the tools and skills to Develop, eNgage and Apply our models and teachings directly into your business.

Will I Need to Write Academic Essays?

No, this is a practical course where you’ll be taught online with coached tutorial sessions, workbooks, downloadable toolkits and where resources are provided.  You will be assessed through observation of coaching practice and supervision.  You will be expected to document in written form your coaching approach and style, complete a short written case study and document coaching plus learning hours. 

In addition, how do I gain personal Accreditation through the Association for Coaching after completing this qualification?

You can complete the 3 workshops and gain your Association for Coaching Recognised Award qualification.  However, in addition, if you would like to gain personal membership and coach accreditation through the AC we can support you with that as we are an accelerated pathways provider.  There would be an additional fee payable to the Association for Coaching for this.  Book in some time with us to discuss via