Let’s get you set up and ready for Self-Care success with the Self-Care Mindset programme. This is the mini course to learn about self-care and why it’s so much more than having a bubble bath or a spa day – here you create your own kick ass plan so that self-care becomes your everyday superpower.  The course is brand new and will launch on Friday 14th January 2022.  You mini course content is released every 3 days allowing you some time to practice and implement your learnings into your self-care success plan.  And for purchases made before the launch date you will receive an auto discount at the checkout as a thank you from us.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to Supercharge your Self-Care today for only £37  instead of £47!!

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What is the Self-Care Mindset Programme?

I’m glad you asked…

This programme will help you feel self-fulfilled so you can achieve your full potential. I will guide you through some powerful mindset shifts so that you can make self-care a priority and not just something for the weekends.

Let’s develop your self-care mindset and flex it like a muscle – you will deliberately practice self-care so that it becomes a second nature habit!!

You will learn how to implement and embed 8 areas of self-care. I want you to embrace being restful and to enjoy a bellyful, to feel grateful and become playful, to have a life that is healthful, to find balance in a timeful way so that you are happiful and purposeful in all that you do both personally and professionally, being supercharged for self-care success.

Discover & experience Self-Care like never before


Define what self-care means to you


Create your own version of self-care


Self-Care gives you strength to become your superpowerful self


Self-Care gives you strength to become your superpowerful self


Don’t wait for the weekend to arrive to practice self-care


Maintain a healthy relationship with yourself


Let’s close the gap between our physical and psychological health and make them equal


Embrace your awesomeness and live your best life


Self-Care gives you strength to become your superpowerful self


Answer these questions truthfully…

Do you always feel you have a lot on your plate and that you are super busy?

Do you always put everyone and everything else first before you and your needs?

Do you ever feel guilty or selfish for taking time for yourself?

Or, do you wish you even had the opportunity to take time out for yourself but just feel you don’t have the time?

If you answered yes to any or all of these then let me be straight with you…this is the mindset that could lead you to overwhelm, stress, anxiety and eventual burnout. It’s a fixed mindset that I want to help you shift today.

The Programme

What’s Included:


10 Modules (released over 30 days)


Downloadable Resources


The path to your self-care success


I want to get Supercharged, what’s in this for me?


10 Self-Care Modules


Let’s Get Self-Care Supercharged

Welcome to the programme and recognising why self-care is not just for the weekends. I’ll share with you the science of why we’re sh*t at self-care and how to fill your cup of ambition with leading a life of fulfilment.



You’ll discover the power of sleep and learn some vital lessons from the duracell bunny that can be easily adopted into your everyday self-care routine. I’ll share with you how to rest without feeling restless.



This module has two dimensions were we look at how to deal with things when enough becomes enough, how to manage a bellyful of bullsh*t, manage a health bellyful and enjoy a bellyful of laughs.



This is one of my favourite self-care routines to share with you on how you get your daily dose of Vitamin G of Gratitude, how you practice on the go and how to embrace gratitude for greatness.



Here we will revisit what it was like to have fun when we were young and how we can apply those playful strategies into your everyday self-care practice so that life becomes your playground.



Let’s get you into the mindset that health is your wealth and even for the least active of people (which is exactly me) who hate exercise I’ll share who to let your body talk as well as your emotional and mental health.



I’ll share some lessons from Alice in Wonderland and how to manage time if it slips down that rabbit hole. We’ll review the age old question as well, to procrastinate or not to procrastinate, that is the question.



Let me share with you how your brain works with a dive into neuroscience, your happy chemicals (and the railroaders), establishing happy habits and how to become happy in yourself.



Let’s focus on your ultimate purpose and why you do what you do and how you give your gifts to the world as well as creating a compelling future that is resilience ready.


You are
Supercharged for Success

Laura will share with you some additional self-care practices to consider that can work for you, bearing in mind that it’s not a one size fits all approach and how to ensure you are supercharged for success every single day.



What do I get for my investment of £47.00?

You get lifetime access to the programme including any future updates or additions. The course is a series of online modules delivered via video and audio content as well as e-workbooks (which can also be printed) to guide you to self-care success.

How much time do I need to invest to complete the course?

The video and audio content within the programme will take you around 2-3 hrs to watch and listen to. There are some activities throughout I recommend you practice and these may take a short time to get it into a habit and see the results that you’ll get. The videos and audio are all clearly marked and each has been structured in a way that you can consume it in bite size chunks.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final – should you decide within 24 hours that Self-Care is not for you right now then as long as you have not accessed, watched and/or downloaded any content then contact us via hello@themindsetcompany.com.